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Cover of Leckie Higher Applications of Maths Student Book

The Higher Applications Student Book

The textbook for Higher Applications is coming 24th November 2022. Written by Bryn Jones (that’s me!) and published by Leckie.

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The textbook covers the whole of the SQA Higher Applications of Mathematics course. Each chapter introduces the content, gives clear worked examples, and then leads students through exercises which will build their confidence and continually stretch them. The book can be used by students studying at home, but is also an ideal textbook for use in Higher Apps classes.

Important features:

Statistics Project

Throughout the Statistics section of the book we’ve included project tasks – questions that are designed to get students thinking about their projects and develop their understanding of what is needed for the project.

The textbook also has a dedicated chapter to help students structure their projects.

Key Questions

Each chapter has several ‘key questions.’ If you’re pushed for time, we’ve highlighted the most important questions for each chapter. If you only have time to do some of them, make them the key questions!

Learning for Sustainability

The book contains a rich set of contexts for the questions and examples given. We’ve included lots of sustainability questions- from counting sharks, producing wind turbines, to the mortality of honeybees, we’ve got you covered.


With the textbook you get over 50 files- including datasets for analysis, R files with example code, and lots of spreadsheet questions for students to master.


Answers to every question can be found online, leaving more space in the book for what you want- good questions!

End of Chapter Summary

Every chapter ends with a set of learning intentions for the chapter and the key questions which correspond to them. This is helpful for checking that the topic has been mastered.

An R Code Appendix

The Higher Apps textbook also features an appendix of useful R code for writing the project, with examples of lots of different chart types.