Higher Applications Case Studies

I’m pleased to announce Higher Applications Case Studies.

The front page of each Case Study contains information about a topic, similar to the pre-release information given by the SQA ahead of the exam. What follows are a series of questions about that topic, covering different areas of the course.

Case studies can be used at the end of the course for revision and exam preparation, or can be used in the classroom when topics are introduced.

Case Study 1 – Magic Straws

A question about inflation from the higher applicationscase study

In this case study students look into magic straws, those quirky straws that make milk turn chocolatey. The case study covers topics such as: Fermi questions, types of models, modelling with spreadsheets, inflation, hypothesis tests, and PERT and Gannt charts.

Answers are included too.

Download Here. You’ll find the files here: MagicStraws Files.

Case Study 2 – Ecology

This case study contains 18 exam-style Higher Apps questions, all themed around ecology. It begins with some information about ecology, similar to a Higher Apps pre-release document. The questions cover a variety of topics from the course, including statistics, absolute errors, using goal seek and PERT charts.

Could be used as a class assignment, or even an assessment.

Download Here